When is it okay to admit you’re a racist?

“Are you okay with racial jokes?”

I get asked this question quite a bit…I always get asked it after I tell a tasteless joke, being that the only tasteless jokes a lot of people know are racist jokes.  My tasteless jokes are never involving race. That doesn’t really mean anything, but that’s just how it is. Call it coincidence (Maybe I just think “BLACK PEOPLE LIKE FRIED CHICKEN!!!”, “WHITE PEOPLE CANT DANCE!”, “ASIAN PEOPLE EAT CATS!”, “MEXICANS TAKE SIESTAS!” jokes are unfunny and lazy). I don’t find them offensive, but who knows what is offensive to anyone in particular? Well, I think I do, and I lump race jokes in with discussion about religon and politics. They’re all in the “too much of a headache to deal with unless someone else has something novel to say about it” camp.

Anyways, I, without fail, say that I am comfortable with race jokes. That’s because I am, as long as they’re funny, and/or relevant. The problem therein lies that MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IS FUNNY. If people aren’t consistently doubled over after you say something with the intention of making people laugh, then you aren’t fucking funny, and you probably shouldn’t be allowed to do racist jokes, because that’s like giving a downs kid a nuke. Too much dangerous power to let a mental defective wield.

The worst thing I hear is the whole “I’m not racist, I hate every ethnicity!” line. No, you don’t . You are a racist. Just admit it! It’s fine to be a racist, just as long as you admit it. Yeah, it’s true…you’ll be shunned by society and forever rendered irrelevant, but at least you stuck to your own personal values.



Josh Howard brings insane flag-waving maniacs out of their holes

Here’s the video that you’ve seen, even if you haven’t been looking for it:


I love the comment “How can you be a role model with this kind of behavior?”


WHAT THE FUCK? This country has been full of people who aren’t good role models. Hell, a good chunk of the people who have ran this country have done terrible things. What has Josh Howard done? Smoked a blunt, and said he “don’t celebrate that shit”. Free speech, bitches!


Some people will say “Well, if Josh Howard don’t like it, he can leave”  So you have to love the country and be a flag waving sheep in order to live here? That’s not the way it works.  I don’t love America, and I don’t hate it. Its better than 80% of the countries, but it’s still flawed. How about we celebrate it when don’t have people flying off the handle with this mess at the drop of a hat:

NicholasGauthier (21 hours ago)  
Josh is just a stupid fucking monkey that needs to go back into his cage. Glad I’m republican.
Michlimania (21 hours ago)  
Go back to Somolia and starve or die from aids with the other 1/2 billion impovershed negroes.
and then, of course..the youtube favorite:
Buckcherry580 (2 days ago)  

Hey dude…..Buckcherry sucks ass. I wouldn’t be caught dead calling someone “CRACKER ASS CRACKER!!!!!!” with a nickname like that. I’ve seen him and his friends make these comments  to other people…:

Mudvayne720 (2 days ago):
PabloCruise47 (2 days ago)
TonyOrlandoAndDawn960 (2 days ago)

Disrespecting a song? Really? This is asinine. People are just happy to get mad about something. Once Josh Howard is found to be running a sleeper terrorist cell out of American Airlines Arena, then call him whatever you want. Until then, QUIT BEING SUCH CUNTS!!

Gay Pride Weekend

Yeah, this is supposed to be a blog about the awesomeness of white power, but let’s focus on discrimination of another kind for a moment. It’s racism’s ballet dancing, show-tune singing cousin: HOMOPHOBIA!

What is homophobia? Is it fear of gay people? Is it hatred of gay people? Is it as funny as coulrophobia?

Yes, yes, and only if it involves Bruno (Ali G character, not Bruce Willis and his shitty band). Just because

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It’s Obama time!

The best thing about having a black guy running for President is the crazies that come out during the stretch run. Nothing quite like politics to really scare the backwater bigots into hate speech overdrive! Let’s see what we’ve got here…hmm..looking..looking..Oh, here we go..There’s a guy in West Harrison…New York? I don’t even know what state this city is in. I would have assumed Alabama or West Virginia…but this is from the prestigious “Lohud” newspaper.

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Editor Opinion: Native American mascots are wrong PART ONE

The Atlanta Braves….The Florida State University Seminoles….The Washington Redskins….The Chicago Blackhawks…The University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux..

These are crappy teams (save for the UND hockey team….they’re good or something..I don’t follow college hockey), but they also share something else in common. Yes, they all bastardize, and in some cases, mock, Native American culture and tradition.

If you ask any fan of these teams about the controversy over their nicknames, they respond with something to the effect of

“What the fuck are you talking about, hippie? These nicknames are merely honoring the warrior spirit of those Native Americans!”

No, actually, you are not, and they are not. The forefathers of this country massacred the people of a gentle, noble society. I don’t care if you’re “a quarter cherokee”. It’s most likely because of a rape somewhere along the timeline. No group needs a fucking football team nickname to validate their existence. These nicknames merely patronize the 2 or 3 Natives left.

We also have this retort, which I like equally:

The Native American Elders already voted in approval of keeping the nickname.

Uh, yeah. There are corrupt people in every walk of life. These “elders” have most likely been sucking on the teat of capitalism long enough that selling out their proud heritage is just another dance step in the cash grab tango. Have you seen these political commercials these tribes run? There’s a “Chief” dressed in a polo shirt basically sucking on your pussy lips trying to manipulate your vote. It’s sad and pathetic. These fucks would vote yes on anything that had any positive monetary consequences. These guys are bought easier than Peyton Manning. They’ll do anything.

To say that they represent the Native American spirit would be like saying P Diddy represents the musicians spirit. P Diddy doesn’t care about anything besides making money, and these Chiefs are in it for the money. I could convince these “Tribal Leaders” that cheese graters are fun to fuck, as long as I waved big money in their face.

    Fun With New Ethnic Nicknames

Yeah, there’s the “Fighting Irish”. What fight have the Irish ever been in, besides fighting amongst themselves? The idiotic Notre Dame leprechaun does not compare to the Native American mascots. Have you ever seen a leprechaun? It’s different when you are using folklore as a mascot, as opposed to an “enemy” that you needlessly vanquished in a back-stabbing land-grab (And weren’t the British the ones we were trying to gain independence from? How funny that our fuckhead forefathers decided to use the same tactics in forging their own country. Assholes.). The Native Americans have no “leprechaun”. They have real heroes from the past that are being mined for all they are worth, in the name of 50,000 dumbfucks being able to live vicariously through idiots that are just more athletically gifted than themselves (I love sports. LOVE them. I watch them religiously, but I can admit to the retardation of it all)

What if these nicknames were actually evened out? How about a a German soccer team calling themselves the “Fighting Jews”. How about a basketball team from New Jersey calling themselves “The Robert E. Lees”. How about a Russian hockey team called “Chechens”.

The mockery of it is not understandable until you are part of the race being mocked, and even then, it’s not certain, depending on your price tag.

Bring It On 3: White Power Cheerleading

Check this video out….It’s filled with lies, propaganda, mistruths, and egregious blashpemy. At the 4:20 mark, a hefty white nationalist (who I’ve dubbed “Pillsbury Hateboy”) holds up the Torah and says, in a thrilling “To Serve Man” homage:



Well, I considering I’m a collector of fine filth books, I went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in downtown SJ, and rented this “Torah”, just to see how it would stack up to my own filth books. I have Sex by Madonna, and an extensive catalog of Swank. This Jewish Bible is pretty low on my list of filth books. I probably wouldn’t stroke off to this more than say, twice a month. I mean, there isn’t even a picture of a chick eating jell-O out of her own vagina.

Also, I’ve started yelling “GO BACK TO MEXICO!” in the same fashion Losertron 3000 does at the end of this clip. Anytime a roommate asks me to do my dishes? “GO BACK TO MEXICO”. It fucking works.



When you say lynch, you’re gonna have to pay the price

Actor Jim Brown, who first gained notoriety by starring in such 80’s films as L.A. Heat and Crack House, is unhappy with Tiger Woods for not being unhappy about Lynchgate.

 I have to say……..Jim Brown is right on the money here. We can’t allow golf analysts to continue their reign of terror and mob justice. Kelly Tilghman was demanding that Tiger Woods actually be hung by his fellow golfers! And Tiger Woods’ is reacting like he wants to tie the noose himself.



Sorry Jim Brown, you hate Tiger nowESPN