What David Duke jacks it to

Lisa Simpson: Nuke Israel?

Nelson Muntz: Gotta nuke somethin’!
NukeIsrael Is a site with a ton of content. I’m sick of looking at these half-assed, barebones racist websites. There’s so little for me to shit on, they aren’t even worth my time. This site has quite a bit of meat on it’s bones, much like most of the women I sleep with.

The background rocks, let me tell you. It’s a mosaic of the same picture: A profile shot of Mr. Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210.

The heading logo has quite a cast of characters: The monopoly man (who apparently has fallen on hard times and now drives limousines) front and center,a dude on the far right who is doing the “Oh, be nice!” gay man hand wave and various other fugly people.
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