Swastikas in the sand, and other fables

I have spent the last 2 or so minutes in near tears. This video, from a BBC docupic, is 2 minutes that I will never forget. You don’t have to know the backstory…That Prussian Blue are two Aryan Power Pop songstresses that know no other truth than what their loving mother, April Gaede, hammered into their undeveloping brains. Just watch and thank me later.


Prussian Blue: On my “To Do” list (well, the one on the right)

Prussian Blue is a duo of white power pop songstresses that many thought to be an urban legend at first. It turns out they are quite real, and quite stupidly named. People like to say that black people come up with funny names for their offspring, but “Lynx” and “Lamb”!?!?! One sounds like an American Gladiator reject, and the other sounds like…well….and they wanna call black people “animals”? 

On the header of the Prussian Blue website, I give the one on the right a 6/10 (with 10/10 potential) and the one on the left a 3/10 (with a 5/10 potential). That’s just for posterity.

 Prussian blue also has a “fan blog“. Wow. I underestimated their popularity. Maybe they are sweeping the nation and a race war really is impending. Oh..wait..no….It’s written mostly by the family themselves, with a few most certainly charming contributors.