Bring It On 3: White Power Cheerleading

Check this video out….It’s filled with lies, propaganda, mistruths, and egregious blashpemy. At the 4:20 mark, a hefty white nationalist (who I’ve dubbed “Pillsbury Hateboy”) holds up the Torah and says, in a thrilling “To Serve Man” homage:



Well, I considering I’m a collector of fine filth books, I went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in downtown SJ, and rented this “Torah”, just to see how it would stack up to my own filth books. I have Sex by Madonna, and an extensive catalog of Swank. This Jewish Bible is pretty low on my list of filth books. I probably wouldn’t stroke off to this more than say, twice a month. I mean, there isn’t even a picture of a chick eating jell-O out of her own vagina.

Also, I’ve started yelling “GO BACK TO MEXICO!” in the same fashion Losertron 3000 does at the end of this clip. Anytime a roommate asks me to do my dishes? “GO BACK TO MEXICO”. It fucking works.




21st Century White Nationalist Bravery

Here’s a little vid by a White Nationalist bravely stepping up to the plate and coming forth about his beliefs to the public. He will speak eloquently, and not as the stereotypical anti-social, backwater sheep that everyone would expect him to be! Love him or hate him, he’s gonna stand up for his cause!!!!

Oh…..but he’s gonna wear a mask, so nobody can see his face.

 Why is he a White Nationalist? Get ready…for a shocking revelation….wait for it….wait for iiiiiit…BECAUSE THAT’S HOW HE WAS RAISED!!! Oh, man! Talk about a plot twist! Score another point for the progressive world of home-schooling!

 He later goes on to say how he “was not brainwashed”. In the words of George Costanza: BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! Back up the truck!

You believe what you believe, because of how you were raised, but you weren’t brainwashed? Isn’t any sort of influence brainwashing? Especially parental influence over a young child? To a child, it’s parents are it’s protectors, it’s be all, end all. For a child, a parent is the arms it runs into when it’s scared, the kitchen table it runs to when it’s hungry, the answerer of all questions, the oracle. If a child is raised from birth in an environment of hate and fear, it would take a miracle for the child not to bear at least some of the scars that hate and fear invariably leave.

You sir, in the fencing mask, were and are nothing more than a sponge to soak up the dysfunctional liquid your parents leaked.

Checking in with the National Alliance

As I’m certain all of you dear readers out there already know, the National Alliance is at the forefront of race-preservation groups. They were founded as the “National Vanguard” by William Pierce, also known as the author of the race war predicting, white-power manifesto, The Turner Diaries. I’ll post a thrilling review of The Turner Diaries once I get a copy of it.  Back to the National Alliance.

  <–William Pierce, posing uncomfortably with a cat. It is unknown whether the cat was a member of the Jewish Feline Race. MEOWZELTOV!

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