Holocaust Gunman: No coincidence, he hated Jews

Well, it finally happened. A batshit Nazi decided, at last, to try to go on a killing spree at the Holocaust Museum in D.C.. Luckily for everyone, he was an 88 year old man.

James von Brunn served six years in prison for trying to make what he called a “legal, non-violent citizens arrest” of Federal Reserve board members in 1981 — a sentence he blamed on “a Negro jury, Jew/Negro attorneys” and “a Jew judge,” he said on his Web site, “Holy Western Empire.”

Did you ever think maybe he’s latino? In Spanish, the word for black is “Negro”, and sometimes Spanish-speakers pronounce the word “You” more like “Jew”. So maybe he’s not a bigot at all, but a latin man.

Von Brunn is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and a 1943 graduate of Washington University there.

Well, I guess not.

Von Brunn was in critical condition Wednesday afternoon after being shot by a security guard at the museum. Another guard, Stephen Tyrone Johns, was killed in the shooting, museum officials said Wednesday afternoon.

Wait, they didn’t even kill him? An 88-year old man got shot by a bunch of guards, and he’s still alive? And the one guy he killed at the Holocaust Museum was a black guy?

I hear when he recovers he’s going to go to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and kill a Jewish Tour Guide. It’s crafty! They don’t see it coming!

Holocaust Museum shooting – CNN


Suspects in slayings of homeless men took severed hand to party

Two suspected murderers were arraigned on Tuesday, both pleading not guilty in the killings William Chrapan and David Lyons.

“Mr. Winquist told the witnesses that this hand was the hand that had been cut off from a homeless man who they had killed at Bare Cove Park,” Sgt. Leonard Coppenarth wrote in a police report filed in court. “These witnesses told me that they had seen and heard Eric Snow and James Winquist mock the two murder victims by making gurgling sounds to imitate the death of the two homeless men.”

What a pair of crackups. They sure do know how to enliven a party. I’m gonna have to try out the ol’ “Death Rattle Imitation” at the next mixer I go to.

Both men are members of a white supremacy group, a witness told police. They also have lengthy criminal histories, court records show.

Snow is known as Killa, a nickname he had tattooed on his neck. Winquist has his nickname, Twister, tattooed on his back along with the words “I hate you” on his forearm.

Let’s give a “hand” to the judge that lays down life in prison sentences for these two (if found guilty!)