Josh Howard brings insane flag-waving maniacs out of their holes

Here’s the video that you’ve seen, even if you haven’t been looking for it:


I love the comment “How can you be a role model with this kind of behavior?”


WHAT THE FUCK? This country has been full of people who aren’t good role models. Hell, a good chunk of the people who have ran this country have done terrible things. What has Josh Howard done? Smoked a blunt, and said he “don’t celebrate that shit”. Free speech, bitches!


Some people will say “Well, if Josh Howard don’t like it, he can leave”  So you have to love the country and be a flag waving sheep in order to live here? That’s not the way it works.  I don’t love America, and I don’t hate it. Its better than 80% of the countries, but it’s still flawed. How about we celebrate it when don’t have people flying off the handle with this mess at the drop of a hat:

NicholasGauthier (21 hours ago)  
Josh is just a stupid fucking monkey that needs to go back into his cage. Glad I’m republican.
Michlimania (21 hours ago)  
Go back to Somolia and starve or die from aids with the other 1/2 billion impovershed negroes.
and then, of course..the youtube favorite:
Buckcherry580 (2 days ago)  

Hey dude…..Buckcherry sucks ass. I wouldn’t be caught dead calling someone “CRACKER ASS CRACKER!!!!!!” with a nickname like that. I’ve seen him and his friends make these comments  to other people…:

Mudvayne720 (2 days ago):
PabloCruise47 (2 days ago)
TonyOrlandoAndDawn960 (2 days ago)

Disrespecting a song? Really? This is asinine. People are just happy to get mad about something. Once Josh Howard is found to be running a sleeper terrorist cell out of American Airlines Arena, then call him whatever you want. Until then, QUIT BEING SUCH CUNTS!!