It’s Obama time!

The best thing about having a black guy running for President is the crazies that come out during the stretch run. Nothing quite like politics to really scare the backwater bigots into hate speech overdrive! Let’s see what we’ve got here…hmm..looking..looking..Oh, here we go..There’s a guy in West Harrison…New York? I don’t even know what state this city is in. I would have assumed Alabama or West Virginia…but this is from the prestigious “Lohud” newspaper.

Anyway, there’s a guy in West Harrison that is putting up stickers with rallying cries like




One sticker implores folks to not elect a “savage Negro president”. Aw. Well at least he gave black people enough respect to capitalize “Negro”.

Alright…that’s ok…kinda boring. Stickers are cool, though..Let’s see what else we have here…buhbuhbuh buh buhhhh….mmmm..Well, this has nothing to do with Obama, but a prison inmate in St. Louis is suing a prison for not serving him kosher foods that his Jewish beliefs require. There’s only one problem:

The department had doubted the sincerity of Toler’s claim that he is Jewish. Guards at an Illinois prison caught him with photos of Adolph Hitler and white supremacist literature. He also has several white supremacist tattoos, including a jailhouse one that reads, “SS,” the name of the Nazi police organization.

Funny thing is, the judge actually believed this guy, and he won the case.

So, over at the KKK website, they dropped a bombshell. Get this….ready? They are NOT endorsing Barack Obama for President! GET OFF MY PLANE! (Sorry, I’m trying to get this president Harrison Ford quote to catch on as a new exclamation…just give it a chance! Get off my plane! It’s funny! No? Ok)

KKK Website..the white supremacists version of the Smithsonian website

I hadn’t checked in with’s weekly newscast in months, so I decided to check out this week’s show. In case you forgot (or you’re living UNDER A ROCK!), the stars of our show are the virile Pastor Thomas Robb, and the foxiest of foxes, Klan Spokescunt Rachel Pendergraft. They start off by telling off the Pope (!?!?!) and telling him to go back to the Vatican Pastor Robb says:

Just because you go into a home, and eat food out of the fridge, that doesn’t mean it’s your home

Whose fridge did the pope raid? Dude musta beeeeeen hiiiigh as FUUUUCK.

Pastor Robb then gives us a Geography lesson about the Vatican:

They have their own bank, they have their own postal service, they have their own grocery store

Well, we know the hallmarks of a great country. I believe it was Jefferson that said “Winning our independence was amazing, but we will truly not be a sovereign nation until we have a Piggly Wiggly.”


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