When you say lynch, you’re gonna have to pay the price

Actor Jim Brown, who first gained notoriety by starring in such 80’s films as L.A. Heat and Crack House, is unhappy with Tiger Woods for not being unhappy about Lynchgate.

 I have to say……..Jim Brown is right on the money here. We can’t allow golf analysts to continue their reign of terror and mob justice. Kelly Tilghman was demanding that Tiger Woods actually be hung by his fellow golfers! And Tiger Woods’ is reacting like he wants to tie the noose himself.



Sorry Jim Brown, you hate Tiger nowESPN


So what if I want to fuck a Nazi girl?

You know how taboos are always the biggest turn-ons. Like, you’re not supposed to have sex in a public place, but it can really churn your butter to get a BJ behind Big Lots or in the bathroom at Planned Parenthood.

 Another good version of sex is “Angry sex”. Like, if you’ve spent the day arguing with your girlfriend at Home Depot about shower valves, nothing feels better than some rough “Punishment sex”.

I guess what I’m getting at is: I want to have sex with a nazi girl. Like Faruzia Balk in American History X.  Could you imagine all of the pent up aggression she would let out on me? It would be like a fantastic melding of taboo sex and punishment sex. We would have to hide the filthy act from everyone. Nobody could know about it. And we’d probably start slapping each other mid-thrust:

 Fairuza: Oh!Oh!Oh! This is so naughty! Oh!Oh!Oh! *slap* THAT’S FOR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!

Me: Oh!Oh!Oh! It’s our little secret! *slap* THAT’S FOR ENSLAVING MY ANCESTORS!

Anyway, here’s a little video tribute to nazi girls: