And now, for some intentional comedy

Lonely Island episode 1. It brings da funny.


Next on Tyra: The cast of Family Ties

 Tyra Winfrey Banks has a talk show. It might be canceled by now, or it might not be. I really don’t know, as I don’t find supermodels complaining to be entertainment.

I kind of feel like taking the horns out of my nose and the plates out of my lip now. I didn’t know they made people uncomfortable.

Sorry for the dormancy/video

I haven’t been posting for about a month now….sorry….this blog is something that I enjoy doing, and I so I don’t intend for a break of this length to ever happen again. I’m still down for the cause. I love making fun of nigger-hating, spic-hating, chink gook and kike-hating pieces of trash.

Here’s a little promotional piece from the National Alliance Vanguard:

 It’s amazing how the white supremacists try to make potential marks think that the news, and other programming, are no longer targeted towards them. Yeah…white people have been forgotten by the media. And my cock is the guest star in the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy.