Swastikas in the sand, and other fables

I have spent the last 2 or so minutes in near tears. This video, from a BBC docupic, is 2 minutes that I will never forget. You don’t have to know the backstory…That Prussian Blue are two Aryan Power Pop songstresses that know no other truth than what their loving mother, April Gaede, hammered into their undeveloping brains. Just watch and thank me later.


21st Century White Nationalist Bravery

Here’s a little vid by a White Nationalist bravely stepping up to the plate and coming forth about his beliefs to the public. He will speak eloquently, and not as the stereotypical anti-social, backwater sheep that everyone would expect him to be! Love him or hate him, he’s gonna stand up for his cause!!!!

Oh…..but he’s gonna wear a mask, so nobody can see his face.

 Why is he a White Nationalist? Get ready…for a shocking revelation….wait for it….wait for iiiiiit…BECAUSE THAT’S HOW HE WAS RAISED!!! Oh, man! Talk about a plot twist! Score another point for the progressive world of home-schooling!

 He later goes on to say how he “was not brainwashed”. In the words of George Costanza: BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! Back up the truck!

You believe what you believe, because of how you were raised, but you weren’t brainwashed? Isn’t any sort of influence brainwashing? Especially parental influence over a young child? To a child, it’s parents are it’s protectors, it’s be all, end all. For a child, a parent is the arms it runs into when it’s scared, the kitchen table it runs to when it’s hungry, the answerer of all questions, the oracle. If a child is raised from birth in an environment of hate and fear, it would take a miracle for the child not to bear at least some of the scars that hate and fear invariably leave.

You sir, in the fencing mask, were and are nothing more than a sponge to soak up the dysfunctional liquid your parents leaked.

Burn, Jew Boy, Burn!!!!

Here’s a video from rally featuring the Northwest Chapter of everyone’s favorite crack-ups, the National Socialist Movement. I want to apologize to the people who undoubtedly had to go pick up the Busch Light cans they left behind:

 What’s funnier, the absolutely lazy, wack attempt at a grindcore song, or the middle-aged and older knuckleheads at the rally that actually had to pretend to enjoy it..all in the name of WHITE PA-UHR!

 But, wait! Check the YouTube comments. Not everyone feels that this rally was at all indicative of the true class that White Supremacists usually are:

codyscott11fdssgsf (3 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam -3 (Reply) (Spam)
you guys are reall nazis, jesus christ if this was 1942 hitler wouldnt think for one mintute not to kill you, u guys are a bunch of bald ass ugly disgrace to white guys with tattoos over them, try and be more civilized and people would listen to you


This is all very entertaining, but it’s also the reason the NSM won’t have real power in America. I mean, these guys are… no offence, but some of you look like clowns. Hitler wouldn’t shit on at least half of you. I like the straightforward approach, and it’s accountable to the party’s success, but… it’s not a cult, it’s an organisation…

I like how the reason NSM won’t have real power in America isn’t because the NSM is on THE FUCKING FRINGES OF SOCIETY, but because they play shitty music at rallies in the middle of nowhere.

God..listen to that awesome guitar shredreiffication starting at 0:59 left..culminating at 0:37 left, with the title of this post being barked out in such a way that it’s impossible to believe the dude takes any of this seriously. But, here’s the kicker: He does! And they do! And we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Nukeisrael.com disabled my right-click!

I think they’re on to me.

Probably not, but the NSM website NukeIsrael.com that I referenced a few days ago has a charming little feature that adds a swastika to your regular cursor! I was trying to link to a new video on their website, which features some….transcendent music being performed in front of a burning swastika, when I discovered I couldn’t copy the URL by right clicking. Bummer….I’ll have to restart, I suppose. I’ll post it on here tomorrow in between naps (no work tomorrow, off-day power! Seig Heil! 1488! Mein Sleep! Etc, blah blah blah).

Memo to self: Post about the burning crosses and swastikas, and the obvious link to the serial killer triad of behaviors…further pointing to the inherent sociopathic tendencies of racist organizations. Oh, and don’t drink too much tonight, me.

Checking in with the National Alliance

As I’m certain all of you dear readers out there already know, the National Alliance is at the forefront of race-preservation groups. They were founded as the “National Vanguard” by William Pierce, also known as the author of the race war predicting, white-power manifesto, The Turner Diaries. I’ll post a thrilling review of The Turner Diaries once I get a copy of it.  Back to the National Alliance.

  <–William Pierce, posing uncomfortably with a cat. It is unknown whether the cat was a member of the Jewish Feline Race. MEOWZELTOV!

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Officer Purtee thinks Jews are anything but

TheSkanner reported about Colombus, Ohio police officer Susan Purtee. Purtee has stirred up controversy by appearing in YouTube videos with her sister with a rather vitriolic tone. Here’s one of the videos

 Besides attempting to pit other races against each other pathetically, my favorite quotes are:

Mel Gibson was right!

Jews are corrupt!

Free speech is great. But, should people who admit to such prejudice (and presumably an inability to treat all people fairly) be put into positions of power such as law enforcement?

Suspects in slayings of homeless men took severed hand to party

Two suspected murderers were arraigned on Tuesday, both pleading not guilty in the killings William Chrapan and David Lyons.

“Mr. Winquist told the witnesses that this hand was the hand that had been cut off from a homeless man who they had killed at Bare Cove Park,” Sgt. Leonard Coppenarth wrote in a police report filed in court. “These witnesses told me that they had seen and heard Eric Snow and James Winquist mock the two murder victims by making gurgling sounds to imitate the death of the two homeless men.”

What a pair of crackups. They sure do know how to enliven a party. I’m gonna have to try out the ol’ “Death Rattle Imitation” at the next mixer I go to.

Both men are members of a white supremacy group, a witness told police. They also have lengthy criminal histories, court records show.

Snow is known as Killa, a nickname he had tattooed on his neck. Winquist has his nickname, Twister, tattooed on his back along with the words “I hate you” on his forearm.

Let’s give a “hand” to the judge that lays down life in prison sentences for these two (if found guilty!)